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3rd Liberia International Mining, Energy and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition ( LIMEP 2019)

- Source : - Area : Libéria - Start date : 15/05/2019 - End date : 16/05/2019 - Venue : Monrovia
Posted by the company : Dobiza


The 3rd Liberia International Mining, Energy and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition ( LIMEP 2019) will take place from 15– 16 May 2019, in Monrovia, Republic of Liberia. The event is organised by the Ministry of Mines & Energy, Republic of Liberia, in association with AME Trade Ltd, United Kingdom. The LIMEP gathers the key players in Liberia’s Mining, Energy and Petroleum industries, with international industry experts, consultants, technology providers, investors and financiers, to discuss the future of these key sectors for Liberia’s economy. 

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