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    Dobiza is positioning itself as a dynamic player in the facilitation and access to business in the Africa zone.

    The online services of Dobiza have been studied, s to answer the best, to the needs of the users and in the most simple and intuitive way.

    You can consult the following help on services to better understand the operation.

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  • Business opportunities

    On Dobiza, you can regularly access hundreds of public and private opportunities. You have several features to help you find and publish.

    1.Opportunity Search

    a) Search by keyword

    At the top of the page, this search box allows you to enter a keyword that will be searched for in all Dobiza business opportunities.

    b) Filters: Search Options

    On the business opportunities page, you have the option to modify the displayed result, in real time, by making combinations on the filters, at the level of the search options block.

    c) Advanced search

    On the Business Opportunities page, the & quot; Advanced Search & quot; button to make a combination of search options to submit to the search engine...

    2.Opportunities Publication

    The business opportunity publication form is very easy to use. You have several important areas to fill in order to make a publication of quality. Examples:

    Type: This part is very important because you can choose the type of opportunity you publish.
    Services Offer / Products : is a paid service (sponsored ad)
    B2B Business Ad: (according to your pack)

    Add Activity Areas Affected by Your Ad : Very Important! Add up to 3 business sectors that are related to your ad. This will allow your ad to appear on searches related to your sectors.
    Description : Very important! Take the time to enter a clear and detailed description of your ad. Put all this info. PS: Do not put coordinates (phone, email, etc.)
    Answer mode : How would you like to be contacted for your ad? You have the possibility to choose several modes of answers. By default, Dobiza offers the coordinates entered for your business and allows you to modify or add them as needed.
    Attach an image (small B2B advisor) : Add a phtoto or image (jpg, png, gif) to your B2B classified ad, viewable by users of Dobiza, for more details on your ad.
    Attach a document to the ad : Allows you to attach a document (pdf, doc, docx, xls.) to your ad, viewable by users of Dobiza , for more details on your ad.

    3. B2B Business Ads

    Displayed on the same page as Business opportunities , The B2B classified ads allow you to sell for free and quickly your products intended for the professional target.                                     
    It is 100% free (volume according to pack), with a validity period of maxium 60 days. Once validated, your ad is available online, with the illustration photo .                                     

    Ads must have a clear title and description, in addition to an image to view the product.                                   

    • Your services on opportunities and ads

      When you find an opportunity that interests you, Dobiza offers several options such as:

      - Add to your favorites : To save the opportunity and consult it again, on this page

      - Send to an acquaintance : To share the opportunity by email with one of your contacts.

      - Online submission : For some ads that allow you to submit a proposal online

      - Contact advertiser : To contact the advertiser for more information

  • Suppliers & Customers

     The Dobiza business directory allows you to search for and find suppliers and customers with a detailed business profile.

    The directory offers a range of services:


      1. Add a business

    You can add one or more companies and manage them from your Dobiza account. Fill out detailed information about your company and provide a complete listing of your activities, products and contacts.

      2. Find a company

    Multi-criteria research by country, type of company, sectors ... and Detailed fact sheet consultation, etc.
                                           From the detailed company profile, you can:
                                          - Send an email or a quotation request online
                                          - Consult its product catalog,
                                          - Add to your contacts or get in touch,
                                          - Submit a testimonial about the company,
                                          - See business opportunities with this company,
                                          - Locate geographically,
                                          - See contact persons in the company (according to pack),
                                          - Ask to be added as a collaborator ...

    a propos de Dobiza
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  • MarketPlace

    With intuitive and easy access, the Dobiza catalog allows you to publish your products and services. Depending on your pack, you can publish up to 100 products online. It also allows browse through a wide variety of B2B products and services offered by suppliers.

    1. Add a Product or Service

    You can add multiple Products or Services and manage them from your Dobiza account. Fill in the details of each product and submit a complete product or service sheet:
                      - Product name
     - Sectors of activity related to the product (max3)
    - Product description
    - Pictures or photos of the product (max4)
    - Attributes of the product (Benefits, Uses, Reference, Dimensions, Price ...)
    - Product document (flyer, electronic brochure, etc.)
    - Links on the product (website, Facebook page, Video, etc.)

    2. Search for a Product or Service

     Multi-criteria research by country, type of company, sectors ...
    and Consultation of detailed sheet, Etc.

    From the detailed company file, you can:
                                          - Submit a quotation request to the supplier for the product
                                          - View vendor information
    - Add the provider to your favorites


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  • Registration and Dobiza packs

    Registration on Dobiza is completely free.
    After registering and activating your member account, you can register your company (SA, SARL, SURL, Profession liberal ...), to officially join the B2B platform.

    This free registration gives you access to several services, freely accessible.                                     
                                         Some services                                     will be accessible only to a limited extent. You will be invited to subscribe to a paid pack to benefit from all these services.

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